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Georgia 2023

Tourism and climbing 2023 in Georgia

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As far as possible, in my channel I avoid messages about politics. But now, on the eve of the summer season, I have to answer questions that are directly related to the development of the political situation in the Caucasus.

Therefore, excuse me, the post (oh, it would be better if it was a toast ...) about Georgia.

Georgia in spring time
Georgia in spring time

I think that many of you have paid attention to the popular information in the Russian media about the "warming" in relations with Georgia.

I recommend that you take this information critically before, thanks to the new “opportunities” that have opened up, you rush headlong into the country of khinkali (Georgian dish) and Tsinandali (Georgian wine). Over the past 20 years, I have spent quite a lot of time in Georgia, observing and even being inside various political and social processes. As an expert in this area, I can say - do not have any illusions.

In Georgia, you are not welcome now. They really hate you there. And the further - the stronger they will hate (mostly in relates to the Russian citizens).

Anty-russian stickers in Georgia
Anty-russian stickers in Georgia

Unfortunately, at the moment I have canceled all climbing programs in Georgia and I refuse new applications.

I'll explain in more detail. Since 2004, under the leadership of the third president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia has taken a clear pro-Western course. Serious changes have taken place inside the country that have affected almost all spheres of life - police reform, the emergence of new lines of business, the reconstruction of infrastructure, investments in various fields of activity.

The level and quality of life in Georgia has grown significantly over these 10 years and there was a real hope that this country will be taken into European Union soon. The tourism sector (which was among the priority areas of development) also received enormous opportunities and very quickly turned into a profitable industry that practically met international safety standards.

Mount Ushba
Mount Ushba

The situation changed a lot after the 2008 war, a regression began, which today has led to the failure of most of the innovations of M. Saakashvili. And this incredible person at the moment is being tortured in Georgian prison, by the clear request from the Russian government...

Like any living organism, the country has only two ways: forward to development or back to degradation. And the second way is usually shorter.

Rockclimbing in Georgia
Rockclimbing in Georgia

Unable to stay on the vector of development, Georgia is returning to its post-Soviet condition. In a very short time, this wonderful country will again face such phenomena as: high criminalization (GSSR was the most criminal republic of the former USSR), corruption and social tension.

It is better not to think about tourism in such a situation - international tourism is directly related to a comfortable social atmosphere in the country and functioning of government institutions.

Ushba massif in Georgia
Ushba massif in Georgia

I would say more. Over the past 10 years, the degree of anti-Russian sentiment has been growing in the country, openly supported by the state authorities. Since the time of M. Saakashvili, the country has been oriented towards open polar opposition to the Russian policy, which has led to sad political consequences but definitely activated the positive changing in the country.

Climbing Mount Ushba
Climbing Mount Ushba

To date, Georgia has chosen a very controversial political way, turning the course 180 degrees and demonstrating to the whole world support for Russian policy. Such a non-trivial political decision did not find support in the society. The moods that have been pumped up over 15 years by anti-Russian propaganda have not gone away - now most of the Georgian population is in a state of shock. Which in the near future can be transformed into open personal hatred and personal danger to all the tourists.

In such a situation, I consider it impossible to hold any tourist or mountaineering programs in a country that has fallen into “political turbulence”, no matter how they try to lure the the tourists by the visibly favorable conditions.

The author of the text and photos - Alex Trubachev

Mountain Guide and expert for the region of Caucasus


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