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Here we collected different stories about our climbs and travels

Kalymnos rockclimbing tripRockclimbing dairy - rockclimbing trip to Kalymnos. Author - chief coach of MCS AlexClimb climbing School Alexey Kozhevnikov (authomactic translation)
The first climbing route, which Andryukha climbed on natural terrain, climbed, by the way, flush with the bottom, without become dependent Mustass, 5c +. Then climbed Styx, 6a +. I proveshivajut, Andrei made a flush. Then, too, they carried on the next, Oreads, 6a +. Then we decided to drastically raise the degree and went on to Ibria, 6b +. Excellent track for small and barbed hooks. Even there is a key. I did it-site, but Andrew is purely failed. But the fly turned out beautifully. Its first flight to Kalymnos. It all ended well.

Point of Internal Moral Point of Internal Moral
(A. Trubachyov)
When last year it was written, I showed to close friends and didn't think that I will publish. However this year, after 20 finished ascensions and before the most likely difficult program of a season - it is ready to subscribe under this text. Chaotically, but about mountains, about why and why.
Secret of death of group Dyatlova Gibel of group Dyatlova, the version without mysticism
(A. Trubachyov)
Some words about the old secret which to this day isn't allowing to sleep to fans of mysticism, detectives and earning money on an unhealthy agiotage.
Garmin Montana repair Repair of the GPS Garmin Montana navigator
(A. Trubachyov)
It is a little not in subject of our site, but this information can be very useful to those who uses navigation devices and in certain situations trusts them the life and health.
Kamchatka, eared seals, sea lions Theory of paradoxes or Eared seals of Kamchatka
(author A. Trubachyov)
The eared seal is a sea lion, the largest mammal from group of seals, they live in the Pacific Ocean, in its northern part, respectively, Kamchatka gets just to east region of an area of distribution of these animals. In general, in the nature of these animals remained not so much, the poor die out... Frankly speaking, them simply remained very little. And, it is quite natural that our state stuck these animals under protection – having shown in it solidarity with other countries and the international nature protection organizations.
Rock-climbing, force of hands Motivation in rock-climbing. Interview to the Spanish skalolazky Eva Lopez
(translation A. Trubachyov)
the original in Spanish here
Rock-climbing, force of hands of Sil of hands in rock-climbing.
(translation A. Trubachyov)
the original in Spanish here
Rock-climbing, Olympic sports Not the Olympic rock-climbing...
(translation A. Trubachyov)
the original in Spanish here
Rock-climbing, rock-climbing festival in Cuba Cuba. Rock-climbing and in general...
(author A. Trubachyov)
Fresh solar morning, strangely enough, quite cool, on the cut-up horizon of the green valley isn't visible cloudlets - still the couple of hours and the real heat will press down from above a hot press, will tire out everything in a shadow that is capable to move. For now - continuous pleasure - the nature comes to life and rejoices - birdies sing, doggies bark. In spite of the fact that today Saturday, morning began as usual loudly and cheerfully - in 15 minutes prior to dawn on all town the wave of cock shout swept. And the voice at the Cuban roosters not that at our rural - this as will shout, stuffs up at once ears. Such you won't oversleep.
Mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing in Altai, Russia, climbing Belukha Altai, climbing Belukha.
(author A. Trubachyov)

... The confidence in weather wasn't. The decline was decorated with clouds, long, similar to uncombed cat's tails, – a known sign of deterioration of weather. But, having woken up in the middle of night and having poked out a nose from tent, I was convinced that the sky rather pure and the mountain is visible all – from camp, to the top which is silvered in the sky. Though at the horizon badly grew turbid. But it not now, can by the dawn will deteriorate. And till the dawn still already 5-6 hours. The risk was, but the chance too was quite clear why not to try? Gathered quickly – the equipment was already ready since evening, the dream was rather weak, water for tea too was already ready – heated from snow the day before not to spend precious time since morning. A tea drink with a chocolate and dried fruits, and on the street to dress cats.
Mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing in Africa, Morocco, climbing Toubkal of Morocco from above, from the party and from within.
(author A. Trubachyov)
Dzhebel Tubkal - this name can be translated from Arab as "the Mountain Reminiscence", in language of berbers - locals the name sounds more prosy - the Highest Mountain. Tubkal is located in the central part of Atlassky ridge, the mountain is known as geographical object since development of Africa by the Spanish and Portuguese travelers. In Ancient Greek mythology, perhaps, it is mentioned as a place of the link of the titan Atlas, the brother Prometheus. Today, the top Tubkal is popular object for climbing ascensions, ski (скитур) campaigns in the winter and trackings in the summer. All programs are easily and interestingly combined with the historical, ethnographic rounds, routes connected with visit of the Sahara Desert, the benefit to it here no distance, after all Atlassky mountains, in fact, it is a barrier between this Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean.
Mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing to Peru, tracking in Kordilyera Uayuash Ulybka of Lifeless Sierra.
(author A. Trubachyov)
... Tents of a raskinuta, the smell of kitchen is carried on camp on a small glade at the bottom of the top which hid the shining crown of the peak in a shaggy cloud. Our route which is smoothly bending around heart Kordelyera Uayuash – group of high tops originates from the foot of this mountain called by Rhonda, height and which complexity causes sincere respect even in the most skilled travelers and climbers. On a smell of an evening meal to us the little guest came. With the cunning and a little confused smile on a round physiognomy he diligently hid something in the bulged pocket of an old fatherly jacket. However the pocket obviously didn't contain completely the contents and outside the wet tail of a svezhepoymanny trout frankly got out. It was the gift with which the little Indian so timidly came to please huge and terrible as ancient gods, strangers...
Mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing in the Caucasus, climbing Kazbek Climbing Kazbek.
(author A. Trubachyov)

Slow infinite rise in the dark. Idris Hergiani – the skilled Georgian guide, the professional climber goes ahead. How many times it rose by Kazbek - he hardly remembers. It is a lot of. But experience in mountaineering doesn't bring feeling of safety. On the contrary. Than you learn mountains more, subjects you see more dangers in them. Mountains and the person - world sides opposite each other. Eternal rest of mountains means to the person simply death. Death from a ridiculous random error, from a carelessness or neglect.
Mountaineering, tracking and rock-climbing in Peru Life of the Solar Valley.
(author A. Trubachyov)
Rainy autumn May came to an end, the solar and dry close winter was not far off. It came nearer from the East, having for a while been late somewhere in fogs of the Amazonian bogs stretched from the foot of these mountains on which the fantastic view from a roof of my hotel opens. Gentle slopes of feet of these tops seem such close and available.
Central Caucasus Mountains, ascension on Ushbu Ushba. The forbidden top.
(author A. Trubachyov)
The Ushba all the time serves as the reminder inducing the most brave on an act which impudence doesn't keep within the scheme of household need. Without the slightest mercenary interest of a svana risk life for the sake of pure, senseless from the standard point of view, but the huge price of the given victory – ascensions on top of Ushby. Not behind money or awards of a svana go on Ushbu. There is neither economic, nor hunting interest there. The unique fact, surprising, as well as all history of Svanetiya - the small highland, whose proud and free temper the nature expressed in the form of the Mountain.
The central Tien Shan, climbing Khan Tengri the Central Tien Shan, climbing Khan Tengri.
(author A. Trubachyov)
... The helicopter glacier wheels didn't manage to concern as the pilot hospitably opened the door of the flying car, actively inviting us quicker to be swept out in a cloud of the snow dust which is kicked up by the screw. Having thrown out outside backpacks, we flopped on them from above, and hardly managed to bend down the heads - the helicopter howled, and, somehow sideways, clumsily came off ice and left towards the pass...
Armenia, rock-climbing, climbing Aragats Armenia, rock-climbing, climbing Aragats
(author A. Trubachyov)
Quadras in Armenia are strong, almost not showered columns up to 40 meters high, from gray to dark brown flowers, with good friction of a surface that allows to climb fully, using equipment having unstitched between sides of the columns remote from each other on distance to 1 meter.
Pamir, climbing Lenin Peak Pamir, climbing Lenin Peak
(author A. Trubachyov)
The top seemed unexpectedly and absolutely nearby. Behind the next hillock which to me already and bothered to consider, one more suddenly seemed, topped with torn tags and a couple of lucky persons to which, unlike us, it wasn't necessary to overcome the remained hundred meters any more.

Africa, ascension to Kilimanjaro Africa, ascension to Kilimanjaro
(author A. Trubachyov)
When Bismarck Kayser's successor Wilhelm asked Kilimanjaro for Queen Victoria, this request looked rather as the ultimatum......
The landscape too changed: the previous camp was in the dense damp wood which in process of rise thinned, then turned into thickets of the bushes overgrown with long beards of a lichen. Unexpectedly the wood came to an end absolutely...
Alpninizm in the Caucasus, climbing Elbrus, pages of history Elbrus. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow?
(author A. Trubachyov)
The name etymology Elbrus goes back to Tamerlan's times and the Iranian word of Albors that on Farsi the High Mountain means. Strangely enough, but in local languages - in balkasky, Kabardian or Karachay the word Elbrus has neither accords, nor value...
In fifteen kilometers to the North from Greater Caucasus Range separating Russia from once brotherly Georgia as if the old nurse who is jealously covering young mountains from an impudent look from the plain uplifts in the sky the two snow domes the mountain which name is known even to the school student with the three on a gegrafiya...
Alpninizm in Africa, ascensions to Kenya and Kilimanjaro New Year at top of Mount Kenya
(author A. Trubachyov)
To Lenana's top there were no more than 50 meters when it is bright - a scarlet torch the dark bulk of Nelion standing opposite – tops flashed, is 200 meters higher than that by which we rose, and because of high complexity available only to skilled climbers.
Rock climbing routes in Armenia Rock climbing geography: Armenia
(author A. Trubachyov)
In plans was to survey rocks near the gorge Noravank - proximity of the settlement, ideal approaches and existence of tourist base did this area to one of the most perspective. Besides, these rocks already heard singing of the hammered climbing hook - long ago, anybody already definitely doesn't remember in what year, climbers from all Union competed here … After these competitions, Noravank remained with the entrance to the gorge the long hundred-meter route punched kryuchyam and "carrots". At the time of our arrival it was the only rock climbing route in Armenia
Ascension to Mount Cook, New Zealand the Wind, Scala and the Southern Cross
(author A. Trubachyov)
Under a bottomless dome of the sky covered with unfamiliar constellations, in the middle of absolutely wild, cold and hostile world, a warm candle, the small tent shines from within... The banal question "why" again remains without answer. Just for fun. Because this unreal beauty needs the viewer. Because stars so brightly shine and there is an opportunity to remain with them alone. Because snow peaks so close to the sky. Because there are questions which it is possible to answer only with heart
Ascensions on Kamchatka At the fiery end of the earth
(author A. Trubachyov)
Everything height meters are given more difficultly, even more often it is necessary to sit down and restore breath, keeping the eyes glued on top. Judging by indications of the altitude indicator, there were 500 meters... 400... 300. It is already well visible black, in a form similar to an eyebrow, edge of a crater, free from snow, apparently, to it no distance.
But terrestrial gravitation everything is more notable... The slope becomes less cool, more stony. The black strip everything is closer, it seems give a hand - here it... But passed not less than an hour until we could reach its lower edge. Here we were waited by an unpleasant surprise: from below it seemed that the black strip at edge of a crater is a dense cap of the stiffened lava
Mountaineering in Peru On the eighth degree of Southern latitude...
(author A. Trubachyov)
Always struck me, this moment as though the light face of the sky suddenly finds human lines how deeply touches soul and, smiling, winks at you from above! Highly over the valley, above the curling clouds, there was in the sky a mirage - huge, improbably huge pink mountain. Huascaran, sky smile...
... Tokjyarakhu, "a stone lasso" in translation from a kechu. The strange name for the mountain. Perhaps, so called this mountain because it literally attracts to herself the traveller's all eyes, catches and holds correctness of the forms, is dazzling white shine of snow
Rock-climbing and mountaineering in Cuba Cuba far...
(author A. Trubachyov)
In one of the performances, the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro declared: revolution was made by rock-climbers and cave explorers!
The basis for the similar statement was that during guerrilla war against the mode Lawns, revolutionaries conducted military operations in mountains Sierra-Maestra where often it was necessary to use climbing equipment, and they hid from the opponent in numerous deep caves. Despite so rich historical prerequisites, mountaineering, rock-climbing and speleology as sports practically didn't develop until recently in Cuba
Touch to the Legend the Touch to the Legend
(author A. Trubachyov)
Time for mountains and people passes differently, human centuries are only a seconds for unperturbable stone giants. People come and leave, the generation is replaced by generation, mankind history as the wind washes cold granite, without leaving on it any trace … Only on the short moment is impossible will keep a stone heat of a hand, the mountain echo will prolong a sound of a live voice for an instant. And again everything will abate. Mountains were to the person, and there will be after him, invariable in the cold greatness, unapproachable guards of eternity
Solo climbing Matterhorn of Solo climbing Matterhorn
(author A. Trubachyov)

In each mountain system there is one top which is brightly allocated among other and round which a peculiar aura - something hangs, invisible with an eye, but quite tangible that sense organ which in a human body is responsible for similar feelings. Being in a visibility range of such tops, involuntarily you get under their influence, it appear the fascinated, hypnotized show of unearthly beauty. So, for example, in the Caucasus it is Ushba and, partly, Elbrus, in Altai - Belukha, Khan Tengri on Tien Shan. I have no doubt that the Alpine top Matterhorn possesses the same property...
It was heavy to escape from a civilization attraction zone, from generous spring heat and a cosiness of the hospitable valley, again to go to cruel cold of winter highlands. But the most terrible is the first breakthrough. Then doesn't remain places to fluctuations any more - other force of an attraction works here, - the mountain attracts to itself, fascinates. A little terribly and, at the same time, it is somehow indifferent. That will be - that will be, the main thing - to go
Possibilities of winter rock-climbing in the Crimea Winter rock-climbing in the Crimea
(author A. Trubachyov)
Early morning, capital of the Crimea, Simferopol. And it is opposite to Promozglo. The folk unloaded from the train chilly shivers in fur coats and coats. January is to you not August. And even not May... With backpacks passersby look at people mistrustfully, - to rock-climbers got used here, but not in such time, and from winter foot tourists people in general scaredly jump aside, including this hobby for a dangerous form of a mental disorder... Walking on the frozen pools of the Simferopol station, I had vague doubts - whether it will be possible to polazit? But what to doubt if business is already made and I arrived?! The return ticket in a week it is also necessary to try that this time wasn't gone in vain
Interview to the chief of Elbrus search and rescue service Tilov Boris Osmanovich. Interview to the chief of Elbrus search and rescue service Boris Tilov
(author A. Trubachyov)
Places at us wild, opportunities for creation of an emergency too the big. It is rather simple not to return in time and to the place of alleged incident it is necessary to send спасотряд. Fortunately, most of victims in similar cases manages to be found in neighboring taverns are places which should be checked first of all. But sometimes situations happen really serious...

I can tell that on average, in a year on Elbrus perishes from 15 to 20 people. It makes about 80% of the general statistics on the area. The reason for that, in my opinion, is that to Elbrus, unlike difficult climbing routes, there are people unorganized, sometimes even not taking the trouble to be registered and get advice in a rescue service. It is possible to tell that accidents for 95% happen to so-called "wild" tourists - not having neither sufficient qualification, nor routing documents. Even if such people already not for the first time here, in mountains, they the self-confidence put at big risk of and people around
Opening of year - a mountain nudist beach! In total on a beach!!!
(author A. Trubachyov)
The main feature and advantage of this beach is abundance of opportunities for obtaining suntan. It can be classical golden suntan, juicy pink or cream suntan, and also all shades chocolate. It is possible even to achieve without special work formation of suntan with a crisp..., but it already on the experienced fan. From shortcomings we noticed only lack of booths for disguise and interruptions in delivery of pizza. But these unpleasant impressions were completely compensated by magnificent quality of service, fine arrangement and abundance of additional entertainments - the Russian hills, a casino (works regularly), ice climbing, mountain skiing, flights waking or sleeping, mulattos with martini trays
Central Caucasus Mountains, ascension on Ushbu Central Caucasus Mountains, ascension on Ushbu from the North
(author A. Trubachyov)
And what, you still there weren't? Also there is nothing to do there, believe me! I already three times visited, I gather in the fourth. So I can declare with all confidence, - steer clear of this place! But if to you after all unbearable - you sharpen cats, prepare an ice axe and you pray... - can to you will carry, and something will hold you in an alplager - friends or casual love, or simply heavy hangover. Or you will obey a wise advice of rescuers and you will go to any other place. . Otherwise, if all of you be rather resistant and stubborn to begin this adventure, and rather happy that it to stop and surviving - to happen that, what happened to me and against what I confusedly try to warn you now - you will get to slavery, your heart will be stolen, the reason is enslaved - and where conducted your way, he all the same will bring again here, to the foot of the most beautiful, most amazing, most magic mountain of the Caucasus - all of you don't guess yet about what I speak? It means that you really there weren't

Caucasus, climbing Elbrus, cross of Elbrus, author Alexey Trubachyov Central Caucasus Mountains, climbing Elbrus
(author A. Trubachyov)
Well, all gathered? Are ready? Then at way! There was the last take-off - 400 meters of ascent and we come to a flat plateau of the Western top of Elbrus. The top is in the most distant end of huge "football field" - a small hillock with the fluttering tags - the purpose for the sake of which the huge number of forces and energy was spent. What for? to Answer this question below - business difficult and ungrateful. Don't understand... But when you stand on top - statement of a similar question - everything extremely clearly here, where over the head only the sky, and around - the whole world is ridiculous. The end justifies the means, believe
Ascension on Norsultan Nazarbayev's (Komsomol) peak, the author Alexey Trubachyov. Northern Tien Shan, ascension on Norsultan Nazarbayev's (Komsomol) peak
(author A. Trubachyov)
By the light of faded beams of a rising sun of the diode nalobnik of PETZL mixed with light, the long human snake reached for a wide saddle of the Talgarsky pass. The main question occupying me during rise on the pass is that will happen to very small, but darkish cloudlet walking on the next tops. Option was two - or after rising it will evaporate, or will grow in a big cloud, will close everything around and will deliver us the sea of doubtful pleasure."
"Already almost it is light, and I with curiosity considered vicinities. Sense of nostalgia didn't abandon me - here, my first acquaintance to mountains took place more than ten years ago
Ascension on peak of Khan Tengri, the central Tien Shan, the author Alexey Trubachyov. The central Tien Shan, ascension on peak
Khan Tengri
(author A. Trubachyov)
You already were on northern Inylcheke? If isn't present, then you really should visit, at least because there is a Northern Wall of Khan Tengri. A show unimaginable, believe. At me simply captured spirit when I the first time saw it. The three-kilometer wall cut in the top third by the slanting shelf from which the belt of red rocks begins. But this formal definition. That you feel, having for the first time appeared face to face with this tremendous mountain, lies far outside my literary abilities. The feeling is born somewhere in a stomach, quickly grows and fills with delight all internal space. Feeling of small underground nuclear explosion. Then the pleasure and feeling something real, correct comes. These feelings don't give in to the logical analysis - everything has to be on the contrary, but. . After all there is nothing bad that the person rejoices just like that, to that, for example, that snow - white, the stone is heated by the sun, or it is simple to that in the opinion of absolutely stranger suddenly you see a smile and reflection of your own internal state
Ascension on Ushbu from the South, Gabriel Hergiani's route, 5b Central Caucasus Mountains, ascension on Ushbu from the South
(author A. Trubachyov)

And meanwhile Ushba continued to become angry. In half an hour after an intsendent with a hook, in a kuluara when I got through by, the huge plate (kilogram on 500) which was quietly lying meter two higher me decided that it is time for it. Having brought down me, it broke up into two parts and directed down, there, where cheerfully jumped, turning aside from small stones of Lyov Sarkisov, Volodya Yanochkin and Gela Otarashvili. When stones passed, it appeared that all are living, and again I suffered most. Fastened zhumary to a perilny rope, I hung on almost killed JANE self-insurance (and here I was rescued by PETZL) and covered vicinities with blood from the torn apart right hand. To me something strongly pressed down the left hand - I was afraid first that I won't be able to work, but managed
By old tradition when climbing Kazbek it is necessary to call in a bell of small climbing church Ossetia, climbing Kazbek
(author S. Zabrodin)
The old meteorological station on a slope of Kazbek on a design is very similar to "the Shelter 11", it is only a little less by the size. Inside the master's hand of local climbers - well equipped kitchen, the warmed sleeping rooms is felt. During a season the meteorological station functions as an alpinstsky shelter, of it care, repair, children from the settlement Kazbegi - the people hospitable constantly watch and hospitable - to you will always be glad here..."
"Good weather kept exactly in the forenoon - practice of an early exit again well proved. As soon as after ascension we went down from a glacier on a moraine, started drizzling a rain. Hardly we managed to appear under a saving and reliable shelter of a meteorological station as abysses heavenly yawned and from the sky the real flood rushed
Svanetiya, Mestiya, Mikhail Hergiani's grave - the national hero of Svanetiya, the Caucasus from the South
(author V. Yanochkin)
The main square of Mestiya looked sadly - the plaster which is hanging down from facades of houses, rusty slogans of times of communism, cracked and places the old asphalt covering which completely went to dirt... We were considered watchfully by local population in all its aspects - such show here wasn't long ago. The message that there arrived the delegation from Russia with the purpose to rise by Ushbu, instantly flew about the settlement."

"Church court yard, cemetery... To the right of an entrance to ancient church of Saint George two graves are located. Probably it is the most visited Mestiya's corner. People constantly come to a grave of the national hero of Mikhail Hergiani. Bring fresh flowers in the afternoon, and in the evening gather and tell toasts. Memory of this person lives in the hearts of his people as though it left only yesterday... In the second grave his father who endured the son only for one year and died of a grief is based
Alps, climbing Matterhorn Alps, climbing Matterhorn
(author A. Trubachyov)
Having read in the description in clumsy English that on a proveshena route I moved a stationary handrail closer true pettselevskiya жумар. However, having approached the first proveshenny site I felt some disappointment. Zhumar for such handrail has to be of the size of the refrigerator - the hempen rope with a diameter of seven-eight centimeters from above hanged down. In addition, as then it became clear, half ground about a fastening point. No desire to use a similar insurance arose, and we provesit the - two representatives of different eras hanging nearby - brand new brilliant Edelweiss and an ancient monster of an unknown origin funny looked..."
"But here and that fireplace, from where (besides according to our clumsy description) fell somebody Vimper (where Wimper fell) - meters fifteen the vertical or slightly hanging internal corner. With a backpack to creep it will be difficult here
The western Belukha, Northern Wall, route Bottle 5a к.с. Altai, climbing Belukha
(author A. Trubachyov)

I pass turn of a glacier, I lift up eyes and I fade. Here it - the Russian Shambhala - Belukha. I cost some time, from the mountain there is a strong stream of energy, I almost physically feel it. I remember stories about this mountain, parting words. Said to me that Belukha - the mystical mountain, but I didn't expect so brightly to feel it. Under the Berelsky crest I wait for the workmate who decently lagged behind. It is necessary to go with an insurance further. All magic vanishes, usual climbing work begins."
"Fantastically beautiful mountains absolutely not similar on any of where I was earlier. The nature of these places didn't feel on itself harmful influence of a civilization yet. Likely therefore it concerns people heat, kindly
The Crimea, the Forossky edging - classics of rocky mountaineering the Crimea, different actions
(author A. Trubachyov)
"Vybira-a-a-ay! Repeat, I didn't understand!!! Vybira-a-a-ay, ма - and - and - t yours!!! Repeat, I didn't understand! A-a-a-a!!!" - such strange sounds can be heard walking from the settlement of Foros to the well-known Forosskaya churches - located on a cool rocky ledge under the pass Baydarsky gate. If you become interested in an origin of these sounds - look up. Only without the field-glass you will hardly be able to make out on the steep, hanging over the road rocks, these so loudly talking smut shouters... And if make out, you will be terrified. Scales of rocky walls will become clear at once to you in comparison with tiny color points - climbers. Even after the journey, having lifted up eyes up you have instant feeling internal about such height. Even from below
Pamiro-Alay, Matchinsky mountain knot. Pamiro-Alay, Matchinsky mountain knot
(author A. Trubachyov)
In a truck body together with us the donkey went. Literally this word. The lovely animal didn't want to stand quietly in any way, was trampled down and the grounded hooves stepped on feet to fellow travelers, than aroused the general indignation replaced by the general anger when ишачёк directly here, in the company of the biped colleagues I celebrated the needs of nature... or needs, the uyena I know how at them there it is called. In general, day was successful. Soon the truck stopped as driven. For its tired engine rise on this site of the road was too cool. It was necessary to add to its 50 horsepowers of 15 more ours (the spiteful donkey didn't wish even to get out of a body) and to jostle the car in a hill. From further adventures, I well remember the serpentine and the Kyrgyz walking behind truck for fear of that it will turn over... I fearlessly went in a body, treated in the fair portion the nasvy - "dry cognac" as local shepherds call it
The Kyrgyz spine, Alamedinsky wall, all our company the Kyrgyz spine, ascension on Corona

(author A. Trubachyov)
"Lyosha, you is the zhify?" - because of an excess of a snow comb the cheerful physiognomy of Martin seemed. On it the genuine concern well noticeable even from that strange situation in which was written I appeared. I hung on a rope headfirst over a kilometer abyss, a little stunned after twenty-meter falling. Everything occurred very quickly, but well was stamped on the memory. At first it were searches of a catch for the left foot, and, it seems, I even found it, but it appeared that it not a rocky shelf (as I hoped) and only the snow which froze on the smooth rock. As soon as I transferred the weight there, the catch skolupnutsya, hands came off sloping catches and here, I already fly. But the insurance was reliable and everything managed - in half an hour we already admired the panorama opening from top Corona on all Kyrgyz spine - a show unforgettable. . Still from here it was very well visible (especially in the field-glass) our girls who are sunbathing in night-clothes on a glacier - and not expecting our return earlier as through two - three hours






Our Principles

AlexClimb Rule #1 - Safety First

From the very beginning of our activity, here nearly 16 years, the first Principle of work of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb is the Safety Priority. On the basis of this Principle all process of training is based, all programs and rounds are developed and carried out only within this main principle. We consider that at professional approach to development of programs, at personal discipline and correctly put motivation - occupations by mountaineering and rock-climbing are COMPLETELY safe. And from the return - all troubles and accidents in our sport come from nonprofessionalism, from ignorance or neglect by elementary standards of safety, from irrational motivation, from revaluation of own forces and opportunities. All these prerequisites we COMPLETELY EXCLUDE in our work - ours Rock-climbing, Ice climbing and Mountaineering are based on one Principle - the Safety Priority. In rock-climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing, the Priority of Safety of MCS AlexClimb-is your personal security and comfort irrespective of, than we are engaged - we train muscles and we work technology of the movement in the sports hall and on the rock climbing wall, we make the way through snowstorm to top or we relax on golden sand of the Caribbean beach after hot day of trainings on rocks. The Safety priority - the main credo of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb.

AlexClimb Rule #2 - Leave No Trace

Closely interacting with Nature, working with the active programs in mountains, woods, lakes and rivers, we perfectly understand the importance of carefull and respectfull bahavior towards the Nature, for its resources. From the very beginning of our outdoor-activity we adopted rules of  Leave No Trace technique - the standard of behavior of the person accepted in all the civilized world in relation to environment and especially - to the wild nature. After all on the relation of people to the nature near which they exist, itself can draw dalekoidushchy conclusions on the relation of these people to... Where and as we didn't travel - we don't reserve any garbage, we try to reduce whenever possible our influence on environment to a minimum. We clear earlier zagryazyonny tourist parking of the left garbage, we take out and we take out to utilization places that to us other people left there. We consider that only thus, at personal individual consciousness of each citizen, each tourist, climber or autotraveller, we will be able to keep the nature surrounding us in its state, natural, suitable for life, - in it pledge of the healthy future for ourselves and our children.

AlexClimb Rule #3 - Sober Concious

The position of AlexClimb Mountain and rockclimbing School regarding healthy lifestyle is quite clear - we consider that only sober consciousness is capable to fill sincere emotions,  to sympathize, to enjoy life in all its variety. Bright various enjoyable life is possible only on condition of keeping the absolute sobriety and purity of consciousness. Any way of obscuring our perception of reality is intended to do harm to our consciousness and bring harm to our physical health, to replace the true values by false ones, to destroy us physically - to turn us into flabby, weak, senseless, gray herd with empty hazy eyes. We don't force anybody to our point of view, everyone has a God's gift of making his own choice and to destroy himself if that is what he wants... But in AlexCilimb Mountain Climbing School we accept quite certain and very simple set of rules: neither alcohol, nor drugs.