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AlexClimb mountain climbing SchoolSo why is it mountain climbing? This question many times was posed to me recently. I am going to try to answer it briefly. On the first hand, mountain climbing, as it seems to me, is best way to find out the one's personal possibilities, to test one's own self. Simplicity and beauty of the goal does not leave to men any chance of shirking or running away... The summit. It is not abstraction and not illusion, it IS absolutely real purpose. But to achieve it - it is possible only with mobilization of all spiritual and physical resourses. We are to leave below such habitual for us things as vanity, egoism, greediness, vanity. Only throwing off the fetters of all these "stratifications" of the civilization the man is capable to perform impossible things, to step over the Limit..., - and to feel himself as the new born, to contemplate the world by eyes, unshrouded from the commonness, to feel unusual inflow of forces and efficiency, to be charged by the energy of eternal space, to see from the inaccessible height indescribable beauty of this world - all this is the tiny part of the great award, which the Worthy person receives. Are many capable of this? I think that yes. But there are quite few who guess their abilities...

There is an opinion, that mountain climbing is "extreme" kind of sports. I strongly object to this. In extreme kinds of sports the public with the purpose to gulping of adrenalin is engaged. Such way is inadmissible in the mountain climbing, where the most complex tasks are put before the sportsman, and the success and security depend directly on the earnestness of intentions and on the readiness of internal progression.

The basic concept of my activity consists in helping people to believe in themselves and to unveils their's potential, to do it with maximum of effectiveness and safely. It is not very important where it takes place - on eternal snow of the Himalayan summit, on a steep rock wall or just on the cosy Moscow indoor gim - all this has only one purpose - to become convinced and to believe, that the borders of human potentials are much wider, than it is usually considered. My function as guide / instructor consists in helping to avoid uncertainty, annoying slips, mistakes, which always accompany beginners, to concentrate an attention on the proper, actual tasks, not distracting on the secondary details, and to ensure safety of a trainings.

Many people think, that mountain climbing is very dangerous kind of sports. It common error. The danger is only in incompetence and excessive self-confidence. 90 % of all accidents in mountains occur because of neglect or ignorance of the elementary safety regulations.

One more standard error is that the complex and interesting climbing routes are destiny of professional climbers only. I can state that it is not so. For an ascension with the professional Guide, the only thing that is required of the client is the adequate physical condition, desire to test himself and climb the mountain. All necessary technical skills can be received from the teacher in several days of theoretical and practical exercises. Of course, not every mountain admits that, but the professional always can help you to make your choice, to explain, to pick up an appropriate route. On this web-page you will find ready programs, for participation in which high qualification is not required. Do not be surprised! Except for this ready variants, the drawing up of the individual programs of any complexity is possible, according to your wishes!

Our Principles

AlexClimb Rule #1 - Safety First

From the very beginning of our activity, here nearly 16 years, the first Principle of work of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb is the Safety Priority. On the basis of this Principle all process of training is based, all programs and rounds are developed and carried out only within this main principle. We consider that at professional approach to development of programs, at personal discipline and correctly put motivation - occupations by mountaineering and rock-climbing are COMPLETELY safe. And from the return - all troubles and accidents in our sport come from nonprofessionalism, from ignorance or neglect by elementary standards of safety, from irrational motivation, from revaluation of own forces and opportunities. All these prerequisites we COMPLETELY EXCLUDE in our work - ours Rock-climbing, Ice climbing and Mountaineering are based on one Principle - the Safety Priority. In rock-climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing, the Priority of Safety of MCS AlexClimb-is your personal security and comfort irrespective of, than we are engaged - we train muscles and we work technology of the movement in the sports hall and on the rock climbing wall, we make the way through snowstorm to top or we relax on golden sand of the Caribbean beach after hot day of trainings on rocks. The Safety priority - the main credo of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb.

AlexClimb Rule #2 - Leave No Trace

Closely interacting with Nature, working with the active programs in mountains, woods, lakes and rivers, we perfectly understand the importance of carefull and respectfull bahavior towards the Nature, for its resources. From the very beginning of our outdoor-activity we adopted rules of  Leave No Trace technique - the standard of behavior of the person accepted in all the civilized world in relation to environment and especially - to the wild nature. After all on the relation of people to the nature near which they exist, itself can draw dalekoidushchy conclusions on the relation of these people to... Where and as we didn't travel - we don't reserve any garbage, we try to reduce whenever possible our influence on environment to a minimum. We clear earlier zagryazyonny tourist parking of the left garbage, we take out and we take out to utilization places that to us other people left there. We consider that only thus, at personal individual consciousness of each citizen, each tourist, climber or autotraveller, we will be able to keep the nature surrounding us in its state, natural, suitable for life, - in it pledge of the healthy future for ourselves and our children.

AlexClimb Rule #3 - Sober Concious

The position of AlexClimb Mountain and rockclimbing School regarding healthy lifestyle is quite clear - we consider that only sober consciousness is capable to fill sincere emotions,  to sympathize, to enjoy life in all its variety. Bright various enjoyable life is possible only on condition of keeping the absolute sobriety and purity of consciousness. Any way of obscuring our perception of reality is intended to do harm to our consciousness and bring harm to our physical health, to replace the true values by false ones, to destroy us physically - to turn us into flabby, weak, senseless, gray herd with empty hazy eyes. We don't force anybody to our point of view, everyone has a God's gift of making his own choice and to destroy himself if that is what he wants... But in AlexCilimb Mountain Climbing School we accept quite certain and very simple set of rules: neither alcohol, nor drugs.