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April 28, 2014   Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience.  With Andrey Lunkov just returned from the first climbing workout. Weather slightly improved, cool but comfortable climbing. So, on April 28th. Poets sector. The first track, which Andryukha climbed on natural terrain, climbed, by the way, flush with the bottom, without become dependent Mustass, 5c +. Then climbed Styx, 6a +. I proveshivajut, Andrei made a flush. Then, too, they carried on the next, Oreads, 6a +. Then we decided to drastically raise the degree and went on to Ibria, 6b +. Excellent track for small and barbed hooks. Even there is a key. I did it-site, but Andrew is purely failed. But the fly turned out beautifully. Its first flight to Kalymnos. It all ended well. Then the degree of slightly reduced and climbed a simple 'six blah' - Dryads. This time Andrew all happened. more...
September 27, 2014 Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience. My dear friends, in particular, Anya. I hasten to share the latest news. We are well, but adventure got to Kalymnos. Lisa and Julie for some reason tried to sleep through the flight.
Transaero unclear fed somehow. We are positive and we did not stop.
On Spit revealed a conspiracy of taxi drivers. Taxi drivers were not, but they can be ordered from the service at the airport, but at twice the price. We did not succumb to the machinations and yet with great difficulty got himself two cars.
Before the ferry was still an hour when we arrived at the port. So, without hesitation, we went to have a meal in a restaurant on the beach more...