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Рассказ и фотографии о горном походе Школы MCS AlexClimb в Перу - Кордильера Вайваш
Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience  Deep in the heart of the Andean plateau, gently sloping hills, overgrown with stunted thorn and cactus sad anemic, merge into endless to the horizon, and the height above sea level, quietly passes for 4,000 meters, not trying in any way to change the landscape of the mountains with appropriate breaks. There are no settlements, only occasionally strayed here with their llamas wandering shepherds Quechua Indians, calmly chewing coca leaves. It - Sierra, the harsh mountainous desert that covers a significant part of the Great Range of the Andes, its ancient bent back along the entire western coast of South America, and sleeping soundly under the eternal melody of a tired monotone and surf of the Pacific Ocean. more...