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Ремонт навигатора Гармин Монтана своими руками
A little out of the theme of our site, but this information can be very useful for those who use navigation devices and in certain situations, they trust their lives and health.Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience. The story began about six years ago, when, on the advice of my friend, a specialist in the application of navigation, I bought a GPS navigator Garmin Montana 650. The main quality of this device, in fact because of which I had acquired and was the ability to work with bitmaps, simply put , with the scanned maps. Specificity of work in the mountains, in areas not covered with interactive maps, involves the use of just such a device. Before that I used for this purpose Garmin ETrex Summit - and I still think it is the best device for the extreme conditions of high mountains. more...
Мотивация в скалолазании
 In this article, we will talk with one of the best climbers of the world - Eva Lopez, which successfully combines a career of coaching classes and studying the functional climbing opportunities. In this interview, Eva will answer questions about climbing and prospects of its development, of her vision of the training format as for professional and amateur level. Eva Lopez - Spanish world-class athlete, climber, one of the strongest climbers in Spain today. Moreover, Eve is a licensed specialist in sports physiology, and also is a licensed trainer of rockclimbing. During this meeting, we will try to find out what is climber thinking of climbing, the climber which is not only a good climber, but also helps others to progress and achieve success in this extreme sport. more...