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Восхождение на Казбек - рассказ и отчёт
Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience A little closer inspection you can see the contrast between the background of distant snows circuit Gergeti ancient monastery built in the ancient times of the reign of Queen Tamar. Kind of a proud and inaccessible peaks white captures the audience and quietly takes him into a world full of solemn and sublime reverie - the effect inherent in general any significant mountain peaks, and at the foot of Mount Kazbek - reinforced harmonious fusion of nature with the age-old human activity & ndash; phenomenon, strange for this century. more...
Скалолазание в Грузии
In this season, for the first time, I decided to add a climbing program in Georgia to the MCS AlelxClimb School’s climbing trips collection - just could not deny myself this pleasure. We could, of course, be as usual and go to the undoubtedly beautiful Majorca and elbow our way through the crowds of cyclists there. Or go to the hyper-climbing island of Kalymnos, where put our noses to the rocks and see nothing more arownd. About Crimea I am just expressively silent. However, May is the only one and not a single minute of this beautiful time should be lost or spent with insufficient profit. So, quite logical rockclimbing choice fell on Georgia: where, if not in this country, in spring you can eat, breathe and enjoy the glory of the mountains because spring in Georgia is a separate reality, filled with the scent of blooming of the countless flowers and the singing of birds! more...