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Скалолазание на Тенерифе история
It's damp outside and dull at heart ?! Only automatically translated version is available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience. - The next edition of "climbing the messenger" is dedicated to only that completed the program in Tenerife - Take a break for a moment from the routine concerns, read - even if this time you did not go with us - your mood definitely improve on this small text, hastily stuffed stiff and white from magnesia fingers! And try to answer the simplest question, at least for themselves - why you were not with us on this program ?!
We arrived in Santa Cruz overcast November evening - Wet city looked dull even from the window of an airplane. On the black rocks of the island is low wandered dark gray clouds, clinging to a rare comb pines. Gray added candid picture puddle on the runway, which is eloquently silent on consistently bad and wet weather - the only factor that can bring down all our sports plans.   more...