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Kamchatka sea lions

The sad story of the fate of Kamchatka sea lions, Russian nature, patriotism and all that stuff. Author - the Chief Guide of MCS AlexClimb mountain School Alexey Trubachev.

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Kamchatka sea lions.

(author A. Trubachev)

In the Far East of our vast country there is a city - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. And in this city is a unique attraction, which is rightly proud of the people of this glorious town located in the heart of Kamchatka - one of the richest regions of our country.

In Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky many attractions, but one of them is truly unique - it is the only place in the world where close to someone directly in the city, settled wild marine animals - sea lions.

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Steller sea lion is a sea lion, the largest mammal of the order Seals are in the Pacific, in its northern part, respectively, Kamchatka falls just at the eastern edge of the distribution range of these animals. In general, the nature of these animals is not much, the poor are dying ... Frankly, they just have very little. And, it is only natural that our country sank these little animals under protection - showing this solidarity with other countries and international environmental organizations.

Travel and mountain climbing in Kamchatka

So, in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky there rookery of the most unique endangered Steller sea lions! This rookery can rightly be considered one of the main attractions of the city, along with excellent road, severe and majestic architecture of the northern residential areas, and survived so many shocks, but still proudly looking into the distance, Lenin, standing on the main square. God bless him. Especially because it's not about him, but about the Steller sea lion.

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Residents of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky love their city. They love to walk on the spacious streets, enjoying the fresh ocean breeze, which is particularly fresh, if blowing from the sea farm. Just the people of this great city spend much time in communion with nature. Features of this communication are expressed in the number of illegally produced eggs, but this topic, I will not touch on here, because I want to tell you about the sea lions. Petropavlovsk also enjoy sea lions. After all, this is no happiness nowhere else in the world! It is enough to take the bus to get to "Moss", walk a little down and here it is - a rookery of sea lions!

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Here you can spend hours watching the huge animal, freely spread out on a cool, waves washed pebbles, monitor their life flowing under the constant care and protection of the state. Do not forget that the sea lions listed in the Red Book of Russia, and directly their rookery in Petropavlovsk is not just under the custody of the UN, WWF, Greenpeace and others, but also carefully guarded concerns of the local administration - this is not difficult to guess - even at the entrance adjacent to rookery area exhibited a huge information board, where it is clearly written as a need and do not need to behave in this reserved place.


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Look at the sea lion rookery will not give even the laziest tourist! Indeed, this will not see anywhere else in the world! All the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Americans, not to mention our fellow countrymen living in Petropavlovsk, the first thing to look at the run world-famous attractions, many from that position begin their acquaintance with Peter and Paul. And being in this natural zoo, so carefully person in care, tourists imbued with respect for those who took the time and effort to these endangered sea lions feel comfort and safety.

Travel and mountain climbing in Kamchatka

Standing at the parapet separating the pedestrian area from the territory of the rookery, watching the majestic sea animals, for a happy and carefree holiday adult lions, pricked game young puppies, filled with pride for the selfless and noble love and care that our country has even for the most defenseless and few in number of its inhabitants! I love my country!!!!

To understand something of what is written above, feast your eyes on these photographs of the unique rookery of the unique sea lions in unique Russian ciry - Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky

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