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Elbrus is a place of the constant pilgrimage of people who love climbing and skiing mountains. As Elbrus officially acknowledged as the highest mountain of Europe, climbing its summit is a part of the popular climbing program "Seven Summits", - it attracts climbers from all the world. There is other reason of the high popularity of Elbrus – its technical easiness and accessibility. Many beginners start their climbing carrier on Elbrus, getting from this mountain their first lessons, measuring by its altitude their willingness to improve themselves physically and mentally..


The most difficult of all the classic ascent routes of Mount Elbrus - the climbing route to the West Summit from the West. The length of the route is rather long; on the route there are medium steep sections which require using of the climbing equipment. The program is suitable for participants with experience of serious mountain trekking or alpine climbing experience in primary and secondary categories of difficulty.