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Kazbek South-East
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mountain climbing

Perhaps, this route will become an alternative to the crowded Normal route to Mount Kazbek via the Meteo Station, but so far, the Devdorak Gorge remains in completely original and untouched condition, preserving the charm of the pristine mountain nature. The complexity of the route lies solely in its autonomy - there is no trail or crazy crowds of tourists and mountaineers on the route through the Devdorak Gorge, nor any tourist traffic or stationary shelters. This route is included in the

“IClimb Gold Collection”

- as a high-grade worthy climbing route to the top of Mount Kazbek from Georgia not spoiled by an excess of commercial service.

mountain climbing

The combination of the two climbs of the advanced difficulty grade to the twin mountains Tetnuld and Gestola. A new route, pristine purity and logic of the climbing line. Compact, very rich program includes an acclimatization module and two interesting ascents to the very beautiful Svanetian mountains. The program is organized in the format of short mountain expedition, access to the Camp III 4200 - via the saddle between Tetnuld and Gestola. In a short period of time, the participants of this program got the opportunity to make two unique ascents by very interesting and worthy mountain climbing routes.


Autumn rockclimbing program in Georgia is an intensive active tour, in 10 days we offer to you not only climb interesting climbing routes on the equipped rocks in very beautiful locations, but also to take a very informative tour around Georgia - the country of rich historical traditions and cultural values. Changing rockclimbing training sites allows the participants of the MCS AlexClimb Rock Climbing Program in Georgia to get acquainted with various regions of the country, visit the most interesting sights, while maintaining the schedule of rockclimbing exercises that are held under the guidance of an experienced trainer. This program we run in a comfortable autumn time - October, when the summer heat has already gone and you can enjoy wonderful sunny days, warm rocks, various fruits and homemade wine.