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Mallorca rockclimbing
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Before plunging into the catalepsy of winter, you should save up more sun and positive for to keep alive until the spring, and definitely not to allow yourself to become limp together with winter slush in our severe latitudes. The best solution for that task will be your participation in the Autumn program of MCS AlexClimb  School of rockclimbing  - very active and positive program, for a long time proved as one of the brightest and most beautiful programs of our School of rockclimbing.


Tenerife rockclimbing
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The rockclimbing program on Tenerife (Spain) - one of new thematic programs of  MCS AlexClimb School of rockclimbing which can be referred to category basic training rockclimbing programs - rockclimbing sectors in Tenerife are located quite close from each other, there isn't a lot of transportation on the program, there is a full opportunity to devote time to a detailed working of the certain routes. At the same time our rockclimbing program on the island of Tenerife differs from other programs first in the extreme exoticism of the relief of this island - all rocks in Tenerife are of the volcanic origin (tufa, basalt), and secondly, into this program one part is included as an element, uncharacteristic for the majority of our standard rockclimbing programs  - that is an ascension of volcano Teide which height is 3718 m.