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Not expensive and comfortable rockclimbing program on the natural rocks! The most beautiful and comfortable season for rockclimbing in Armenia - Fall! This program is for those who not just want to climb on the rocks, but to enjoy fully all the generosity of this small but very hospitable country. Autumn in Armenia is the season of fruits, fabulous mountain sceneries and wine festivals. Our rockclimbing program includes visits to the three major rockclimbing areas in Armenia, daily climbing exercises are combined with cognitive excursions to familiarize participants with the rich history of the most ancient country of the Caucasus.


Climbing Mount Aspiring
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Climbing the Mount Aspiring in New Zealand – this is a program of the medium level of difficulty, accessible for the participants who have general mountaineering skills and good physical form. Mount Aspiring – that is amazingly beautiful summit, located in the Southern Alps of New Zealand - along with Mount Cook, it is another very attractive object for the mountain climbers in New Zealand. Climbing Mount Aspiring in New Zealand - it's a great opportunity to diversify a whole climbing program or add acclimatization block to more serious ascent of Mount Cook.