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Mallorca rockclimbing trip
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Rockclimbing program of MCS AlexClimb in Mallorca Island - is one of those our rockclimbing programs, in which we could successfully combine active climbing, recreational and sightseeing parts, in the same time, not one of consisting parts is not prevailing! Rockclimbing in Mallorca Island - it is the perfect opportunity to exercise rockclimbing in the best natural conditions, on the rockclimbing routes which are concentrated in cozy and accessible sectors, pass your vacations in the fascinating atmosphere of the high grade sea resort, enjoy all the possible recreations, peace your mind walking by the most beautiful paths among the thick green of the pine grooves, breath the air of the mighty expanse of rocky mountains and cozy sandy beaches by the azure shore of Mediterranean.


Machu Picchu sightseeing
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Machu Picchu - probably is the most important historical monument of Peru - the country, extremely rich with its historical attractions. Actually, the name of Machu Picchu, this is the first thing that comes to mind of a person who is unfamiliar with the geography and has only a general idea of what can be seen in the world. Machu Picchu - a world-famous monument of civilization, which left behind only mysteries and questions- unanswered forever. Now we can touch this ancient mystery by visiting one of the most amazing places on our earth - the Machu Picchu monument. We offer this program as an additional module of the general program of active holidays in Peru. Also the organization of Machu Picchu program is possible besides of the climbing program.