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Rockclimbing in Brasil

Rockclimbing, mountaineering in Brazil, climbing trainings in Rio de Janeiro

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Rockclimbing programs of MCS AlexClimb in Brazil:

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro - daily training programs
Climbing Corcovado
Climbing Aguja de Diablo

What attracts tourists to Brazil? What can you do in Rio de Janeiro during your vacation there?

Sugarloaf is a famous natural attraction in Rio. Also a popular rockclimbing area

Of course, most travelers will immediately remember the famous carnivals in Rio, some people will add trips to the Amazon jungle, visits to the famous restaurants and other standard options to spend time and budget in Rio de Janeiro.

However, there is a chance to hear some more interesting, although not always obvious answer! After all, not only colorful shows and exotic fishing attract thousands of international tourists to Brazil.

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro

For those who live in the world of international climbing community, it is an obvious fact that Rio de Janeiro is not only the capital of carnivals, but also main attraction of all Latin American rockclimbing! Without taking away the popularity of the famous rockclimbing areas of Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Cuba or Colombia, Brazil modestly stands a little on the sidelines, while maintaining an undisputed leadership in the quantity, quality and popularity of the rockclimbing routes.

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro

What should I say! Today, more than 1,000 rockclimbing routes of various categories of difficulty are equipped within the city of Rio de Janeiro. Three (3!) full-fledged rockclimbing guidebooks have been released in Rio de Janeiro with descriptions of various areas and rockclimbing routes - and this is only within the city limits! I find it difficult to name another rockclimbing location with such a concentration of official climbing routes accessible directly from the city center.

One of the rockclimbing guidebooks for Rio de Janeiro

The very symbol of Rio de Janeiro - the famous statue of Christ The Redeemer - located above the city on the high cliff of Corcovado - even this world-famous monument is also a hallmark of rockclimbing in Brazil. A dozen and a half of "multi-pitches" of varying complexity have been climbed along the vertical rock at the foot of the famous statue - from simple "five grade routes" to the most intricate long 7b - 7c’s.

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro

The majority of climbable rock masses in Brazil are huge monolithic granite blocks. The usual for European climbers limestone with overhangs and large holds can not be found in Brazil. The specificity of rockclimbing in Brazil is clearly expressed – all the routes are extremely technical slab rockclimbing with tiny holds.

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro

The technique is quite different from the gymnastic overhang rockclimbing, and it comes as a surprise to many climbers that the usual categories of difficulty turn out to be “a little” harder. In fact, when trying the rockclimbing routes of Rio for the first time, one can experience genuine disappointment - even those who felt confident on the 7c of Kalymnos or Tenerife suddenly face serious problems on the Brazilian 6b-6c!

Rockclimbing in Rio de Janeiro

You can forget about bouldering and indoor rockclimbing wall skills and leave them at home. Just like your old worn climbing shoes. The most important thing you should not save your money before your rockclimbing trip to Brazil is new rockclimbing shoes with most rigid sole! This essential piece of rockclimbing equipment will give you a clear advantage right from the start of any Brazilian climbing route.

Corcovado rock in Rio de Janeiro with a statue of Christ the Redeemer

In addition to the incredible abundance of rockclimbing routes in Rio de Janeiro, the surroundings of the metropolis are also quite mastered by the rockclimbers. Long rockclimbing routes (multipitch) can be found in the neighboring provinces, where bizarre rock formations are very numerous – high granite vertical "needles" (agujas) from 50 to 200 meters high - ideal natural formations for climbing and practicing big wall rockclimbing skills

Granite needles near Rio de Janeiro are popular sites for rockclimbing

The author of the text, photos and climbing programs in Brazil - Alex Trubachev

Our Principles

AlexClimb Rule #1 - Safety First

From the very beginning of our activity, here nearly 16 years, the first Principle of work of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb is the Safety Priority. On the basis of this Principle all process of training is based, all programs and rounds are developed and carried out only within this main principle. We consider that at professional approach to development of programs, at personal discipline and correctly put motivation - occupations by mountaineering and rock-climbing are COMPLETELY safe. And from the return - all troubles and accidents in our sport come from nonprofessionalism, from ignorance or neglect by elementary standards of safety, from irrational motivation, from revaluation of own forces and opportunities. All these prerequisites we COMPLETELY EXCLUDE in our work - ours Rock-climbing, Ice climbing and Mountaineering are based on one Principle - the Safety Priority. In rock-climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing, the Priority of Safety of MCS AlexClimb-is your personal security and comfort irrespective of, than we are engaged - we train muscles and we work technology of the movement in the sports hall and on the rock climbing wall, we make the way through snowstorm to top or we relax on golden sand of the Caribbean beach after hot day of trainings on rocks. The Safety priority - the main credo of School of mountaineering and rock-climbing of MCS AlexClimb.

AlexClimb Rule #2 - Leave No Trace

Closely interacting with Nature, working with the active programs in mountains, woods, lakes and rivers, we perfectly understand the importance of carefull and respectfull bahavior towards the Nature, for its resources. From the very beginning of our outdoor-activity we adopted rules of  Leave No Trace technique - the standard of behavior of the person accepted in all the civilized world in relation to environment and especially - to the wild nature. After all on the relation of people to the nature near which they exist, itself can draw dalekoidushchy conclusions on the relation of these people to... Where and as we didn't travel - we don't reserve any garbage, we try to reduce whenever possible our influence on environment to a minimum. We clear earlier zagryazyonny tourist parking of the left garbage, we take out and we take out to utilization places that to us other people left there. We consider that only thus, at personal individual consciousness of each citizen, each tourist, climber or autotraveller, we will be able to keep the nature surrounding us in its state, natural, suitable for life, - in it pledge of the healthy future for ourselves and our children.

AlexClimb Rule #3 - Sober Concious

The position of AlexClimb Mountain and rockclimbing School regarding healthy lifestyle is quite clear - we consider that only sober consciousness is capable to fill sincere emotions,  to sympathize, to enjoy life in all its variety. Bright various enjoyable life is possible only on condition of keeping the absolute sobriety and purity of consciousness. Any way of obscuring our perception of reality is intended to do harm to our consciousness and bring harm to our physical health, to replace the true values by false ones, to destroy us physically - to turn us into flabby, weak, senseless, gray herd with empty hazy eyes. We don't force anybody to our point of view, everyone has a God's gift of making his own choice and to destroy himself if that is what he wants... But in AlexCilimb Mountain Climbing School we accept quite certain and very simple set of rules: neither alcohol, nor drugs.