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Iceclimbing in its natural environment, amidst dazzlingly shining ice crystals and majestic ice cascades - it's not a sport, not a hobby and not a weekend entertainment - this is a REAL ADVENTURE! The landscape of Norway, with rocky ridges, noisy mountain rivers and a lot of waterfalls, in winter time turns into a real paradise for lovers and enthusiastic connoisseurs of the brightest and sharpest emotions. To touch the frozen nature waterfall, gain energy from the colossal volume of water that is tense in the frozen cascade and take a part of that power that nature originally bestowed on each of its creatures. This is the meaning of this beautiful gymnastics on the columns of vertically ice, in which we are engaged in one of the most attractive areas of Norway - Buskerud, Hemsedal. In addition to the sports program, it is possible to continue the route to the Lofoten Islands, where, deep in the polar circle, in the twilight of the polar night, you can enter into the combat with the ice verticals under the light of the Aurora Borealis - release your imagination - try for a second to imagine yourself at a similar moment !!

mountain climbing

The thematic program "Polar Auto Expedition to the North of Norway" is a fascinating seasonal tour to the most interesting natural sights of the country of the Vikings. The route runs through the entire northern part of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, capturing part of the Lofoten archipelago - the amazingly beautiful scenery of the polar region. Due to the proximity of the warm current, the climate in this part of Norway is not as severe as might be expected from such northern latitudes, which makes the program comfortable enough for the average expected air temperatures - from -15 in the middle part of Norway to +5 in the coastal regions . The program is supplemented by two thematic blocks that significantly diversify the program and turn the automobile route into a real extreme adventure - ice climbing in natural cascades and mountain skiing. In addition, it is necessary to add that the Lofoten archipelago is not only one of the most beautiful and clean places on earth, but it is also the place where the intensity of the northern lights is the highest on our planet!